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5 days 17 hours ago

Dear Members of ISMAR

On behalf of the new elected Officers of ISMAR I would like to thank you for your trust in us, as evident from your votes.

At this opportunity I would like to thank Hans Spiess, the outgoing President and now the new Past President, for his tremendous contributions to ISMAR, bringing it to its fine current status. ISMAR in general and the Executive Committee (EC)  in particular will continue to enjoy his vision and experience for the next four years as he will continue to serve on the EC as Past President. I also thank the outgoing  Past  President, Ad Bax, for  stepping in and taking again the position of the Past  President in the EC after the untimely passing away of Paul Callaghan and for the full commitment and enthusiasm with which he served on the EC. Thanks also to the Secretary General, Roxanne Deslauriers, and to the Treasurer, David Ailion, for their willingness to continue to serve ISMAR. Finally I would like to welcome Rob Tycko , the new Vice President. This assures ISMAR’s future.

A few Council members have retired after serving ISMAR for many years, and new members were elected to the council. Here is list of the current members of the council (year originally elected is indicated):

Bernhard Blümich (2007, Germany)

Christina Redfield (2010, UK)

Sonia Cabral de Menezes (2007, Brazil)

F. Ann Walker (2010, USA)

Juli Feigon (2007, USA)

Stephen Wimperis (2010, UK)

Philip Grandinetti (2007, USA)

Yongae Kim (2010, Korea)

Clare Grey (2007, USA)

Michele Auger (2013, Canada)

Tai-huang Huang (2007, Taiwan)

Elena Bagryanskara (2013, Russia)

Philip Kuchel (2007, Australia)

Lynn Gladden (2013, UK)

Miquel Pons (2007, Spain)

Ramakrishna Hosur (2013, India)

Takehiko Terao (2007, Japan)

Wayne Hubbell (2013, USA)

Jean-Paul Amoureux (2010, France)

Gunnar Jeschke (2013, Switzerland)

Lucia Banci (2010, Italy)

Wolfgang Lubitz (2013, Germany)

Melinda Duer (2010, UK)

Beat Meier (2013, Switzerland)

Arno Kentgens (2010, Netherlands)

Yunyu Shi (2013, China)

Anne Lesage (2010, France)

Dominique Massiot (2010, France)


We have an excellent, diverse Council that represents the breadth of magnetic resonance and its international character. We are looking forward to working with the Council and thank the Nomination Committee headed by Frances Separovic for putting together such a great list. Many thanks to Philip Grandinetti, ISMAR webmaster, for all his efforts in setting up the elections and keeping the webpage going.

Please note that the following changes to the ISMAR constitution were approved

  1. The President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, and Past-President will each have a 4-year term.
  2.  Members of Council will have a 4-year term, with the possibility of one renewal, for a total of 8 years tenure on the Council.
  3.  All ISMAR committees will have 4-year terms, including the Executive Committee, Nomination Committee, and Development Committee.
  4. Audits will be held every 2 years.
  5.  The ISMAR Council will meet every 2 years.
  6.  A General Assembly of ISMAR will take place every 2 years.
  7.  The ISMAR and Anatole Abragam Prizes will be awarded every 2 years.


The next ISMAR meeting will be in:

 Shanghai, China August 16-21.8.2015 (

Preparations are now in full gear. We expect a great stimulating meeting and hope to see you in China where MR is experiencing a great growth. The 2017 ISMAR meeting will be in Quebec City, Canada. The decision on the venue of the 2019 will be decided during the ISMAR meeting in Shanghai and we are open for proposals.  We encourage you to start thinking about organizing future ISMAR meeting (in 2019 or latter).

ISMAR is in good shape and I will do my best, together with the EC, to promote and develop ISMAR further. We will continue to support schools and workshops; a list of sponsored events is given on the ISMAR website ( The idea is to take advantage of the ISMAR label for local MR events, to support travel of an ISMAR Fellow or Council member to a few national MR meetings on special occasions, such as formation of new MR groups or anniversaries of such groups.  If you are interested, please contact the President or the Secretary General, provide a short proposal, supported by a letter from an ISMAR Officer, Council Member, or Fellow.

In the next year we will continue to develop and modernize our website and will keep our active contacts with national MR societies, regional MR organizations and international organizations in specialized MR areas.

ISMAR exists for us, the members of the MR community. Often I hear from my colleagues at Weizmann, “you, in magnetic resonance are lucky to have such a great and united scientific community”.  Let’s keep this precious asset. Please be involved and help us keep ISMAR vibrant. Feel free to contact me or any other EC member with any ideas you have that will improve ISMAR and its activities.


With best regards,


Daniella Goldfarb


1 week 15 hours ago

It is with profound sadness that ISMAR reports the passing of Gary E. Maciel on Friday, April 4, 2014. Dr. Maciel was greatly respected and contributed widely to the field of magnetic resonance over his 45 year-long career. Gary, who retired a few years ago from the Department of Chemistry at Colorado State University, suffered an unexpected heart attack upon arriving on campus on bicycle.

5 weeks 3 days ago

Iain Campbell passed away in early March 2014. Iain was known for his many outstanding contributions to biomolecular NMR over a long and successful career. Iain was nominated and elected a Fellow of ISMAR. He will be greatly missed by his colleagues in Oxford and the MR community worldwide.

17 weeks 1 day ago

Dear Members of ISMAR

It is my pleasure to announce that two new Fellows have been elected in 2013: Dr. Jeffrey Reimer and Dr. Thomas Prisner.

Congratulations to our new ISMAR Fellows!

Roxanne Deslauriers, PhD
Secretary General, ISMAR

18 weeks 1 day ago

Dear Fellows,

I hope that all is well with you.

As you know, ISMAR Fellows are exempt from having to pay dues or membership fees. However, we would like to encourage you to make voluntary donations to ISMAR.

ISMAR’s activities include sponsoring conferences in various countries, thereby facilitating the exchange of information in NMR, EPR, NQR, and MRI between leading research groups throughout the world. Additional funds can be used to help defray the costs for students and others to attend such conferences. Our traditional large international conferences are now held biennally – next in Shanghai (2015) and in Quebec (2017).

As you know, ISMAR is a tax-exempt organization, so that donations made to ISMAR are usually tax-deductible in the USA and in many other countries. As a result, many people like to make their charitable contributions during December, so that they can achieve the tax advantages for the current year.

If you wish to make a contribution, this can be achieved easily on the website. Just click on the button that says “Donate” on the upper right-hand corner of the ISMAR homepage or use the address Either way you will see the secure (https) donation page.

If you wish to receive a formal letter of acknowledgment of your donation on ISMAR letterhead that can be used for tax or other purposes, please send such a request by email to my assistant, Mrs. Kathy Blair, at and she will immediately send it to you.

I wish to emphasize that such donations are entirely voluntary and that you are under no obligations to make such contributions.

Best wishes for a great new year,

David Ailion, Treasurer

42 weeks 3 days ago

ISMAR conferences with typically more than 500 participants are held throughout the world. The recent conference in Rio de Janeiro, May 2013 was another highlight with particular emphasis of fostering Magnetic Resonance in Brazil and other countries in South America. All fields of Magnetic Resonance were covered in the 13 Plenary Lectures including 2 Prize Lectures and one Lecture dedicated to Paul Callaghan (ISMAR Past President), 98 Invited Sessions, and 56 Contributed Oral Communications.

51 weeks 3 days ago

The International Society of Magnetic Resonance mourns the death of David M. Grant, who passed away on April 13, 2013. He was a pioneer of 13C NMR spectroscopy capitalizing on chemical shifts, coupling constants and relaxation. He spent most of his career at the University of Utah that expanded many-fold into the David M. Grant NMR Center dedicated in 2006. Dave received many honors and awards for research and teaching, including the State of Utah Governor’s Medal in Science and Technology.

1 year 22 weeks ago

Anatole Abragam made seminal contributions to both NMR and EPR and was a recipient of the ISMAR Prize and himself a Fellow of ISMAR. In addition to his superb scientific contributions, fostering people in science was clearly close to his heart. With this in mind, ISMAR has established an award for young investigators that will bear the title

Anatole Abragam Prize, sponsored by Bruker Biospin

1 year 23 weeks ago

In 2008 the ISMAR Council established a Fellowship to identify the highest achievers in magnetic resonance.

The ISMAR Council is pleased to announce the election of Wallace Brey, Gunnar Jeschke, and Frances Separovic as ISMAR Fellows for 2012.

1 year 24 weeks ago

The Russell Varian Lecture and Prize honors the memory of the pioneer behind the first commercial Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometers and co-founder of Varian Associates. The prize is awarded to a researcher based on a single innovative contribution (a single paper, patent, lecture, or piece of hardware) that has proven of high and broad impact on state-of-the-art NMR technology. The prize is designed to recognize the initial contribution that laid the foundations for a specific technology of great importance in state-of-the-art NMR.

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