ISMAR Conferences

ISMAR has sponsored conferences in venues throughout the world since 1971.

18th ISMAR Conference

The 18th ISMAR Conference took place in 2013. The conference was held May 19th - 24th at the Royal Tulip Hotel, São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, jointly with the 14th NMR Users Meeting and the 5th Iberoamerican NMR Meeting. Dr. Sonia Menezes Co-chairs the Local Organizing Committee. Additional information can be found at

17th ISMAR Conference

The 17th triennial ISMAR Conference was held July 4-9, 2010 in Florence, Italy jointly with the annual EUROMAR Conference.  Professor Ivano Bertini chaired the organizing committee.  Visit the web site at

16th ISMAR Conference

The 16th ISMAR Conference was held in Kenting, Taiwan, in October, 2007, under the chairmanship of Prof. Tai-huang Huang (Academia Sinica). The venue of the meeting was the Kenting Howard Beach Resort, located in Kenting National Park. Visit the web site at Kenting National Park is Taiwan's first national park, renowned for its rich landscape of hills and water, abundant life, and natural resources.

15th ISMAR Conference

The 15th ISMAR Conference was held in Jacksonville, Florida, USA in October, 2004, under the chairmanship of Prof. Tim Cross. The meeting took place near Ponte Vedra Beach outside of Jacksonville on the north Florida Atlantic coast at a beautiful time of the year. The conference was held at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort (

14th ISMAR Conference

The 14th ISMAR Conference marked the thirtieth anniversary of ISMARs founding in 1971. In that year the first meeting was organized by Daniel Fiat in Rehovot and Jerusalem, and it was hoped to return to Israel in 2001. However the uncertain political situation there forced a change of venue to the Greek island of Rhodes, where it took place on August 19-24, 2001. Click here for more information.

13th ISMAR Conference

The 13th ISMAR Conference took place in Berlin in 1998. Click here for more information.

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